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Outside the stadium.. Manar Al-Masry, the wrestling player: I love pasta with bechamel and the plateau, and I myself work in the police

Away from sports and competition halls, there is another aspect in the lives of players in terms of individual or team games, this aspect in which the players are stripped of the championships and titles that have been achieved at their hands, and through it shows their interest in their personal lives and hobbies, and the star of the day on the outside of the stadium is “Manar Al-Masry” player. Wrestling in Damanhour, which participated in a large number of tournaments and also shines in terms of elegance and elegance outside the competition halls.

What is your favorite hobby away from sports?

Study, all my focus is on my studies


What is the food that you cook?

Pasta with bechamel


Who is your favorite star?

Karam Jaber


Who is your favorite singer?

Amr diab


If you weren't a player, what would you like to be?

I wish I was in the police


When you fight in the street, what will be your reaction?

I try to avoid the situation


Which movie star would you like to be?

Donia Samir Ghanem


Do you like casual or formal clothes?

Casual of course


And if you would like to be associated with a sportsman in your specialty or another job?

be a better athlete

If you were asked to leave sports, what would you do?

utterly refused