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Leather City in Rubiki receives a delegation from the Zambian Command and Staff College

Mahmoud Mahrez: The visit aimed to discuss the possibility of transferring the Egyptian expertise to develop the Zambian leather industry

The Leather City in Al-Rubiki hosted a delegation from the Zambian Command and Staff College, comprising 19 individuals headed by General Musonda Bulia, accompanied by representatives of the Industrial Development Authority. .


Mahmoud Mahrez, Chairman and Managing Director of the Cairo Investment Company responsible for managing the Leather City in Al-Rubiki, reviewed, during his reception of the Zambian delegation, the strategy of the state and the Ministry of Trade and Industry to achieve fruitful and constructive cooperation with the countries of the African continent in general and the State of Zambia in particular, referring to the presidential directives to transfer all tanning factories to Ali The level of the Republic as an initial stage for the city of Al-Rubiki and the construction of one hundred factories complete with equipment for the final products to provide a favorable environment for the recruitment of international brands and the study of transferring all leather products factories to the Leather City in Al-Rubiki to become an integrated city comparable to international cities.


Mehrez referred to the stages of manufacturing in the city of Al-Rubiki, which includes leather tanning units, glue units, the hundred factories, water and sewage stations, pointing to the possibility of cooperation with the State of Zambia to advance its leather sector.


For his part, General Musunda Bulia, head of the Zambian delegation, praised the leather city of Rubeki and the leather industry sector in Egypt, expressing his hope that the leather industry in Zambia would reach the same level as the Egyptian industry, by benefiting from the Egyptian industrial expertise and technologies in this regard.


The visit included a presentation on the Leather City project in Al-Rubiki, which included all phases of the project. An introductory video was presented of what was the situation in the Magra El-Oyoun area and the situation now in the Leather City in Al-Rubiki. An inspection field visit to the project was also made, which included 3 distinct tanneries.