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Al-Ismaili confirms the validity of his contract with Mohamed Al-Tarhouni after the Smouha crisis

The Technical Committee of the Ismaili Club, headed by Ali Abu Greisha, confirmed the correctness of her club’s position on contracting with Libyan Mohamed Al-Tarhouni, especially after the announcement of Engineer Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, to sell the player to Al-Ahly Tripoli, where Ismaili learned that the player did not sign new contracts with the Libyan club, and thus became A free player, and that Smouha sold Al-Tarhouni's contract to Ismail Al-Shtiwi, the honorary president of Al-Ahly Tripoli, and not to Al-Ahly Tripoli Club, and the player did not sign new contracts.

The Ismaili club’s technical committee succeeded in signing Libyan international Mohamed Al-Tarhouni, player of Smouha Club, in the third Dervish deal during the current summer transfer period.


The 29-year-old left-back, Ayser Smouha, had moved to Al-Ahly Tripoli in Libya during the last January transfers on loan, and is in the list of his country's team that is preparing to face Egypt in the World Cup qualifiers.


Thus, Al-Tarhouni is the third Ismaili deal so far, after the inclusion of Essam Sobhi, the clearing back, and Ahmed Adel Abdel Moneim, El Gouna goalkeeper.