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4 signs that tell you that your digestive system is the cause of skin problems

Experts and dermatologists have confirmed that dull skin and skin problems such as: pimples and acne that cannot be easily fixed with creams, can indicate poor gut health. British Mail.

Almost all skin diseases are associated with the gut, as experts say these diseases are likely to flare up when things get out of balance in the gut, as our guts are home to trillions of microbes including fungi and bacteria and when these organisms become unbalanced they are reflected in our skin.

4 signs that your digestive system is the cause of your skin problems

Topical treatments and creams don't work


When the creams stop working, this is a sign that the problems are more than the skin, so you should take a look at your gut health and note any recent digestive issues including changes in stool, feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Other signs include increased food sensitivity.

feeling sore


If you're feeling inflamed, it's a big sign that something isn't right - in fact, inflammation is often associated with leaky gut syndrome and allergies but that's not always the case sometimes when we have gut issues our immune systems get weaker which leads to inflammation Also, it is always better to go to the doctor to deal with these problems.

Hair loss and weak nails


Unhealthy hair and nails are associated with a problematic small intestine, which results in an inability to properly absorb nutrients from our food.

If you have malabsorption issues, this means that your small intestine is having difficulty absorbing nutrients, which in turn means that your body has fewer nutritional resources and this results in weak nails and brittle and dull hair.

Facing frustration or tension and stress


When stressed and frustrated, your liver sends chemicals to your intestines to be excreted, but if your intestines aren't moving properly, toxins will be retained in your body's systems including lymphatic vessels that lie just below the surface of your skin.

This can lead to dullness, acne and pimples which are major concerns for many people with unhealthy skin.

Diet is important for promoting gut health, so limiting irritants like sugar and processed foods can help a lot.

Eating plenty of plant-based foods and healthy fats can also help — as can brightening-boosting supplements aimed at restoring the balance of bacteria in your gut.