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Why do you feel muscle pain after exercising?.. Tips to relieve pain

After a long day at the gym you may feel excited and have a great time doing exercise, but when you wake up the next morning, you find it difficult to raise your arm, with aches and pains in your body, this scenario may appear to everyone who has been physically active in Sometime, pain in some parts of the body is felt after a day or two of exercising, and this is called muscle soreness.

Causes of muscle pain and how long it lasts


Delayed muscle pain occurs when you start a new physical activity, change your exercise routine, or extend the duration of exercise, this causes damage to the muscle fibers or surrounding connective tissue, and this is the cause of aches and pains after exercise.

You start to feel pain a day or two after exercising. The pain, which ranges from mild to severe, can last three to five days.

Who does muscle pain affect?

Anyone who starts exercising or changes their exercise routine or duration with muscle soreness, it happens to everyone, even fitness enthusiasts and trained athletes.

What are the ways to deal with muscle pain?


Ice bag: You can place an ice pack on the part of your body where you feel pain

Epsom salt or Epsom salt: This is believed to work wonders in treating muscle pain. Just add a little Epsom salt to warm water, and you can either take a hot shower or soak your sore muscles in the water for some time.

Massage: Helps reduce muscle pain and reduce tension and tension in the muscles.

Pain reliever: If the pain becomes very severe, take a pain reliever. However, it is a good idea to consult a doctor first.

Also get 6-8 hours of sleep to allow your body to relax.

Muscle soreness is not a reason to lose enthusiasm and stop exercising. You can always take a break for a few days and return to exercise as soon as you feel better. Just keep in mind that muscle soreness is temporary and remains until your body adjusts to the new activity and you feel that you will eventually improve.