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Wholesale vegetable prices today.. 3 varieties and molokhia decreased by a pound per kilo

Today, Friday, 9-13-2021, vegetable prices witnessed stability for most varieties, with molokhia, onions and zucchini, according to the official prices in the transit wholesale market.


Molokhia prices decreased to range between 1-2 pounds per kilo compared to 1.5-3 pounds per kilo, and the price of zucchini decreased to between 2.5-6 pounds per kilo, compared to 3-7 pounds per kilo during the past days, and the price of onions fell to 1.5-3 pounds per kilo, compared to 2 -4 pounds per kilo.


Beans prices stabilized to range between 7-13 pounds per kilo, tomatoes recorded 3-6 pounds per kilo, okra prices ranged between 5-9 pounds per kilo, potatoes recorded 3.5-6.5 pounds per kilo, lemons 4-7 pounds per kilo, garlic prices 18 22 pounds per kilo.


The price of carrots has also stabilized between 1.5-3 pounds per kilo, and the prices of municipal cucumbers ranged between 2.5-5 pounds, and green cucumbers ranged between 3-6 pounds per kilo, eggplant prices ranged between 1.5-5 pounds per kilo, and peppers ranged between 4-9 pounds per kilo. Green turkey peppers are 3-5 pounds per kilo, green hot peppers 2.5-4.5 pounds per kilo, taro is 5-8 pounds per kilo.