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The Guardian: Security reinforcements in Washington in preparation for the "Justice for January 6" march

Today, Saturday, the American capital, Washington, is preparing for a march to support the detainees in the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6, by tightening the security situation that failed to protect the Capitol building.

The British newspaper, "The Guardian", said that the city surrounded the Capitol buildings with a reinforced fence, summoned large numbers of police officers and put the National Guard on standby in preparation for the "Justice for J6" demonstration (January 6) near the Capitol building.

But even amid warnings from the Department of Homeland Security about threats of violence, there were indications that the demonstration might not live up to the effect its organizers hoped, as mainstream Republican politicians and some groups supporting former US President Donald Trump have distanced themselves from the rally.

A protest was called to demand the release of about 650 people accused of crimes after thousands of Trump supporters made their way to the Capitol in an effort to prevent members of Congress from certifying the 2021 presidential election.

Four people were killed during the riot, including a woman who was shot by a police officer while trying to climb onto the floor of the House of Representatives. Brian Sknik, the Capitol police officer who was attacked by protesters, also died the next day.

Nearly 60 people have pleaded guilty, most to relatively minor offenses including obstructing official proceedings and illegally demonstrating at the Capitol.

They were described by supporters as "political prisoners" who were legally protesting against the call of Donald Trump, who organized a rally nearby urging his supporters to "fight like hell" to defend his 2020 election victory claim.

Organizers of the "America Look Ahead" rally said Saturday's rally was not intended to show support for Trump and appealed to attendees not to wear political paraphernalia.