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The curse of war haunts Bush.. Ex-American soldier: When will you apologize for killing a million Iraqis?

A former US Army soldier and political researcher, Mike Pressner, attacked former US President George W. Bush during a public meeting about his years of rule in Long Beach, Los Angeles County, accusing him of killing one million Iraqis because of him, in addition to causing the deaths of many American soldiers in the Iraq War. According to Euronews.

The pioneers of social media circulated a video clip posted by Mike Pressner on his Twitter account, asking a question accusing him of lying openly, saying: "Mr. President, when will you be excused from killing a million Iraqis because of your lie? .. You lied about weapons of mass destruction .. It lied about its connection to 9/11, it lied about Iraq and that it poses a threat."

Pressner pointed to the US military's use of chemical weapons in Fallujah, Iraq, and accused George Bush of lying about weapons of mass destruction that paved the way for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Meanwhile, Bush tried to interrupt what he was saying, "Sit down and act respectfully."

Pressner went on to list the names of his friends who died during the war, saying: "You sent me to Iraq, and you killed my friends. My friends died because you lied. You have to apologize, you have to apologize." the hall.

And the former US Army soldier, Mike Pressner, posted a tweet via his official account on Twitter, saying: “About 20 years after I was sent to Iraq, I obstructed George W. Bush’s speech tonight. I tried to read a list of names, mostly for the Iraqi dead, in addition to my friends who became Anti-war activists after Iraq, but then died by suicide or wounded in other wars.

Mike Pressner also published pictures of the demonstrations in which dozens participated outside the auditorium building, where the former US president was met in the city of Long Beach.

The activist and political researcher, Jeb Sprague, also attacked Bush during the meeting, where he circulated a video showing his voice saying: "Your war destroyed my relative's life, it was a nightmare for my family. Your war killed a million Iraqis and tens of thousands of Americans... You used white phosphorous, which is a chemical weapon." When Fallujah is hit... you have to be in prison."

George Bush replied, "In other countries someone like you would have been put in jail for yelling at the President," while Jeb Sprague wrote on Twitter that he was arrested right after he was taken out of the hall.