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The body of a famous American blogger was found after her disappearance... and the "FBI" is looking for her fiancé

Americans are closely following the details of the murder of a social media celebrity in the United States, Gabi Pettito, who disappeared early last month before the police found her body this week.

The story began when Gabby Petbow, a blogger and Instagram celebrity in the US, took a road trip across the country with her fiancé, Brian Landry. The duo documented their journey in a series of videos under the title "Fan Life". They published their last video last August.

The family of the young American woman, from Florida, reported a lack of contact with her since the beginning of August, and her last known location was in Wyoming, the same place where her body was found this week. The 22-year-old was visiting Grand Teton National Park Health and Landry, 23, as part of their road trip by van.

A month into the tour, Landry returned alone to Florida without Petio. Landry is considered a suspect in this case, but he has not yet been charged, and the police and the FBI are still searching for him.

His family said he left on September 14 for a walk and never came back. Before his disappearance, Landry avoided the authorities and did not share the information with any company. Pettito met Landry while they were in high school, and they got engaged in July 2020.

Details of what happened have not yet been revealed, but US press reports indicated that police in the town of Moab, Utah, were called on August 12 for a possible domestic violence incident involving Petio and her fiancé. The officers' body camera footage showed Pettito conscious crying, and complaining about her mental health to the officers, and she also said that she was arguing with her fiancé a lot, but no complaint was written, and the officers recommended them to separate that night.

But a video appeared on August 19 of Petio and her fiancé smiling and running on the beach, and was viewed more than 3.2 million times, and this was her last appearance on the Internet.