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Nigerian gunmen free 240 detainees from prison

Unidentified gunmen stormed a prison in central Nigeria, freeing dozens of prisoners, a spokesperson for the Prisons Service said Monday.

According to the Sky News website, it was not clear the identity of the militants who freed prisoners from a prison in the state of Kogi, located in central Nigeria, which, along with the northwest of the country, has witnessed attacks by criminal gangs for years.

"The Kabba center, which is a medium security guard in Kogi state, was attacked by unidentified gunmen who freed 240 inmates by force," spokesman Francis Enobor said in a statement.

The attackers fought a "fierce battle by exchanging machine gun fire" with the guards, but the gunmen managed to storm the prison, which contained 294 inmates at the time, 224 of whom were awaiting trial, Einupur said.

Immediately the authorities began conducting investigations to find the prisoners.