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Libyan parties: We are committed to holding the presidential and legislative elections on December 24

Today, Monday, a group of the coordination of Libyan parties and blocs sent a letter of welcome to the issuance of Law No. 1 of 2021 regarding the election of the State of Libya and determining its terms of reference, to the Speaker and members of the Libyan House of Representatives, and members of the High Electoral Commission in Tripoli.

The coordination of the Libyan parties and blocs indicated the broad acceptance of the people of Libya and their welcome for this achievement, and their adherence to the necessity of holding simultaneous direct presidential and legislative elections on their specified date in accordance with the road map approved by the Political Dialogue Forum, including Security Council Resolution No. 2570 of 2021, welcoming the international support for this important electoral event. , stressing that everyone ignored the obstruction attempts that some are trying desperately to make.

In this context, the Libyan parties and blocs demanded the elected Libyan House of Representatives, which is the only legislative authority, to expedite the issuance of the law on the election of the new legislative authority, taking into account the avoidance of previous negatives and the adoption of party lists instead of political entities, and that the seat be for the party and not for the individual.

She praised the efforts made by the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the High National Elections Commission in Tripoli, and its national stances at this critical stage, calling on it to make more efforts to win the bet in favor of the Libyan people in holding direct, legislative and simultaneous presidential elections on December 24, and in all fairness and professionalism, calling for indifference to obstructing voices and affirming popular support and unlimited support for them.

The statement was signed by the Civil Democratic Party, the Libya Revival Bloc, the National Forces Alliance, the Central National Party, the Tomorrow Youth Party, the Libya for All Movement, the National Will Gathering, the Libyan National Movement, the National Bloc for Democratic Building, the Movement for December 24, the Libya Movement elects its president Darna Women's Union, The Network for Support and Empowerment of Women.