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Ismaily is waiting for clubs to register for the second list in Jabalia to include free deals

The Technical Committee of the Ismaili Club, headed by Ali Abu Greisha, is waiting for the clubs to register the second list in the Football Association in preparation for the inclusion of some deals that will fall from the lists of these clubs in the absence of players at the present time to contract with them and support the ranks of the Dervishes in the new season, in addition to the high material cost of contracting with players. at present.

Talaat Youssef, technical director of the Ismaili team, spoke about the challenges facing the dervishes in the coming period, explaining that the team needs 6 super deals, and that he is supervising collective training for the dervishes these days, with only 17 players present, including 3 players with injuries that may be absent from the stadiums for a long time.


Talaat Youssef added, in televised statements to the "Jamhour Al-Taltah" program, on Ontime Sports 2, with the journalist Ibrahim Fayek, that Carlos Queiroz, the coach of the Egyptian national team, has a very large biography.


Youssef continued: "Carlos Queiroz's presence and success depends on the results, and he is a senior coach in Europe, and he needs time to adapt with the Egyptian national team to reach the required performance."


And he added, "The Egyptian team must have friendly matches, and this is what Hossam El-Badry, the former coach, signed, and the style of managing the team under his management was not only successful, but he has all the respect."


And he added: "Carlos Queiroz can fulfill the hopes of the Egyptian masses, and he has a great history, but little training on the African continent is dangerous for him, but the experiences make a difference during this period."


He concluded: "The Egyptian national team has many experienced players, and I wish success during the two matches in Libya and achieve victory and promotion to the World Cup."