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“Industry”: Maximizing the use of financing programs for the development of productive sectors

Nevin Gamea, Minister of Trade and Industry, held an extensive meeting with Hani Sonbol, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, to discuss the projects and programs that the institution is currently implementing in Egypt and a number of future projects that it intends to implement in cooperation with the Egyptian government during the next stage. The meeting was attended by Eng. Tarek Shash Deputy Executive President of the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Development Agency.


The minister said that the meeting dealt with ways to enhance joint cooperation within the framework of the framework agreement signed between the two sides to expand the scope for industrial groups and activities to benefit from the financing programs offered by the Corporation and to enhance technical cooperation to support the activities of medium and small projects in the targeted industrial sectors. Implementation of the existing technical and financial cooperation programs to achieve the desired goals.


Jameh stressed the importance of expanding the frameworks of joint cooperation between the two sides in the field of promoting the export of the products of small and medium-sized enterprises and linking them to export chains, noting that it was suggested that joint coordination between the two sides take place to develop an executive plan aimed at enhancing the participation of small and medium enterprises and activities in international exhibitions, as well as enhancing the benefit from A joint cooperation program with the Corporation to establish an "Export Development Academy".


The minister pointed out the continuation of strengthening joint cooperation to support programs to empower women and integrate them into the labor market and expand the scope of benefit from the existing programs of the institution in this framework, foremost of which is the “She Trades” program, which is implemented by the institution in cooperation with the ministry represented by the Export Development Authority, pointing out To the importance of this project in supporting women entrepreneurs in the handicraft sector in Egypt to enhance their capabilities to integrate into global value chains and play a more effective economic, social and political role, and then achieve the ultimate goal of women’s economic empowerment to support comprehensive and sustainable development and contribute to the country’s economic growth, and the contribution of companies The most competitive in achieving the goals associated with Vision 2030.


Jameh noted that the arrangements for holding the works of this year's session of the Heritage Exhibition for Heritage Products and Handicrafts, which is organized by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, were discussed, and an invitation was extended to the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation to participate in the exhibition for the second year in a row after its distinguished participation in 2020, so that Take advantage of the exhibition to familiarize the exhibitors with the most important programs and business development services provided by the institution.


For his part, Hani Sonbol, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation, stressed the institution's keenness to enhance joint cooperation with the Egyptian government represented by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency in programs related to promoting trade and women's development, pointing to the importance of the "Arab African Trade Bridges" programs. And the "Aid for Trade Initiative for Arab Countries" in supporting trade cooperation between Arab countries and the African continent and taking advantage of the available opportunities and capabilities by focusing on several sectors, foremost of which are manufacturing, e-commerce, and the exchange of information and experiences.