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If you are planning to become pregnant and have an ovarian cyst.. foods that will help and treat you

Ovarian cyst is one of the problems that some women suffer from, and this problem appears when there is a confusion in the dates and quantity of the menstrual cycle, in addition to delayed pregnancy, and severe abdominal pain.

The report, published on the “webmed” website, confirmed that ovarian cyst is a condition that some women are exposed to as a result of an imbalance in reproductive hormones in the body, and these disorders cause delays in pregnancy and increase the chances of infertility, as well as a defect in ovulation, and also increases the chances of infection. Obesity and overweight.

The report presented some foods that help treat PCOS in women, including:



Recent medical studies have proven that eating vegetables is one of the good tricks that contribute significantly to reducing complications and disorders that occur in the body with polycystic ovary syndrome, and also reduces the chances of being overweight.

Fat-free red meat:


Meat is a good food that contributes greatly to supplying the body with many nutrients it needs, such as iron, protein and vitamin B. Therefore, eating it constantly is one of the good nutritional tricks that contribute significantly to reducing the disorders resulting from polycystic ovary infection.



It is recommended to eat this good nutrient for the body, which contributes greatly to strengthening it and supplying it with good elements, and works to reduce excess weight resulting from polycystic ovary syndrome, and works on good ovulation.



Adding fruits to your diet in case you have PCOS is a good option, because it contributes to supplying the body with the good elements that the body that suffers from PCOS needs.