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Haifa Abu-Ghazaleh: The Arab League is keen to develop relations with China

The League of Arab States affirmed that the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum has contributed, since its inception in 2004, to strengthening relations of cooperation and coordination between the two sides in a way that constituted a real qualitative leap in all fields, consolidating Arab-Chinese friendship and advancing cooperation in building the "Belt and Road", communication and mutual benefit in various fields. And raising the level of Arab-Chinese relations, noting that the prominent feature of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum is the focus on the importance of dialogue among civilizations and cultural exchange.


This came in the speech of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, delivered by Ambassador Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Assistant Secretary-General of the League and Head of the Social Affairs Sector, at the opening of the ninth session of the Symposium on Sino-Arab Relations and Dialogue between Chinese and Arab Civilizations in Beijing, Republic of China today (from a distance).


Ambassador Haifa Abu-Ghazaleh said that the Arab League is keen to develop and maintain these relations and make the goals of the forum a success, which has become a bridge of communication and communication between the Arab and Chinese societies through which cultures cross and we exchange dialogue to achieve common interests.


She expressed the Arab League's aspiration that holding the symposium on dialogue between the Arab and Chinese civilizations remains a milestone in the process of the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum, in a way that contributes to achieving more rapprochement between the Arab peoples and the ancient Chinese people, strengthening the common denominators between the two sides, and pushing the establishment of the Arab and Chinese society for the future. The joint in a deep and tangible way to better serve the interests of the two peoples.


She added that holding today's symposium remotely via video communication platforms, given the exceptional circumstances in which the entire world is experiencing due to the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19), this cursed virus that changed the shape and features of the daily life of all mankind, and affected all different areas of life with great difficulty. Health, economic, educational, cultural and others, stressing that these conditions have strengthened the conviction of the extent of interdependence between countries and the importance of work and international cooperation in facing challenges and overcoming all crises and disasters.


She stressed that humanity will not be able to meet this enormous challenge except with cooperation and solidarity among themselves, noting that the Chinese and Arab sides have united their efforts in resuming work and production, economic reconstruction, and expanding and deepening cooperation areas within the framework of effectively controlling the epidemic.


She praised the Chinese authorities' choice of the symposium's topics related to the call for solidarity, tolerance and respect for the unique civilization of each country and its social system, and the strengthening of dialogue between the ancient Chinese and Arab civilizations, in addition to deepening cultural communication and mutual benefit and advancing human communication within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.


Ambassador Abu-Ghazaleh participated in the activities of the ninth session of the Symposium on Arab-Chinese Relations and Dialogue between Arab and Chinese Civilizations, under the slogan "Communication between Chinese and Arab Civilizations in the Context of Participation in Building the Sino-Arab Society for a Common Future", which comes within the framework of the Executive Program of the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum 2020-2022 .


At the opening of the symposium, the Chinese side was headed by Zhai Jun, the Chinese government's special envoy for the Middle East issue, and delegations from Arab countries and experts from the Arab and Chinese sides participated in the symposium.