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Gulf weather.. active winds in Saudi Arabia, clear in the Emirates and hot in Kuwait

Temperatures varied in the Gulf region, where the winds are active in Saudi Arabia, while the weather is clear in the Emirates, and hot in Kuwait.

Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi National Center of Meteorology expects that dusty and dusty surface winds will activate, limiting the horizontal visibility over the eastern region and parts of the Riyadh region. The influence of active winds continues on the coastal parts of the Tabuk, Medina and Makkah regions. While the opportunity is still set for thunderstorms accompanied by active winds on the heights of Jazan, Asir, Al Baha and Makkah Al Karma.



The UAE National Center of Meteorology expected the weather today, Sunday, to be fair to partly cloudy and dusty at times, while temperatures tend to drop, and humid at night and Monday morning in some coastal and inland areas, and winds are light to moderate in speed, active especially on the sea and causing dust.

The center explained - in its daily statement - that the wind movement will be northwesterly / 15-30, reaching 45 km / h.

The waves in the Arabian Gulf are moderate to turbulent. The first tide occurs at 15:37, the second tide at 04:26, the first tide at 09:14, and the second tide at 22:21.

The waves in the Sea of ​​Oman are light. The first tide occurs at 11:42, the second tide is at 01:37, the first tide is at 18:33, and the second tide is at 06:52.


Today, Sunday, the weather in Kuwait will be hot with moderate to fresh northwesterly wind, with speed of 25-60 km/h causing dust.

In the evening, it will be hot to moderate, with light to moderate northwesterly winds, active on coastal areas, 12-40 km/h.