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Gold prices today, Thursday, in Egypt, and 21 karat records 760 pounds per gram

Gold prices in Egypt stabilized today, Thursday, at the levels of the closing of trading yesterday, with the continuation of the stability of the global price of the yellow metal at 1723 dollars at the time of writing these lines.

Gold prices today:

24 carat record 868.5 pounds.


21 caliber record 760 pounds.


Carat 18 recorded 651.5 pounds.


The gold pound is 6080 pounds.


An ounce of gold is $1,723.


China's manufacturing and non-manufacturing PMI, China's Caixin manufacturing PMI, and the UK's final GDP reading may influence the movement of gold.


The preliminary reading of the CPI in Germany and France, the final reading of the GDP in the United States, the weekly unemployment benefits in the United States, the Chicago PMI in the United States and speeches by a number of policy makers in the US Fed and the Tankan manufacturing and non-manufacturing index in Japan will also be announced. .