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Finance: Only 17% were not registered in the pre-registration system for imported shipments

Dr. Mona Nasser, Assistant Minister of Finance for Customs Follow-up and Development, said that the pre-registration of imported shipments means that we want to know all the data about the shipment before it comes to Egypt, so that we do not discover errors, defects or damage when it arrives in Egypt, and we have to hold it in customs and occupy the floor .


She added, during a telephone interview to the editorial hall program with the media, Rasha Magdy: The importer must send to customs that he wants to buy a specific commodity from the designated source, and take prior approval from the authorities to import the commodity, and take an identification number for the shipment and notify the banks of it, and the same number is on the container as well The source, the papers are certified and all the people who follow the regulations and laws are happy with this system, but there are those who do not want to abide.


And she continued: Exporters companies who registered 37 thousand and 7 and importers 17,790 and 207 shipping agencies registered almost 17% who have not registered so far, and there are those who do not want to register so that all their transactions are not exposed. One is in response to the commercial community, and people have responded to adjust the system, and the ministry has been ready to work with the system since the first of July.