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Completion of road works in several areas in the cities of Tenth of Ramadan and New Salhia

Engineer Ahmed Omran Ahmed, head of the Tenth of Ramadan City Development Authority, said that asphalt paving works are underway in the 28th district of the city, confirming the completion of road works, successively, in all the city’s neighborhoods, in light of the directives of Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, Paying attention to infrastructure projects, implementing a road network and vital hubs, as well as raising efficiency, replacing and renewing the road network in new cities.


Engineer Ahmed Omran indicated that the road works are also underway in the 17th district, and road works are being completed in all neighborhoods in the city.


Engineer Ahmed Omran explained that the companies executing the works were warned to quickly finish the specified times and with the required quality, according to the agreed timetables to raise the efficiency of all roads in the city, respectively, and to link residential neighborhoods and ease the movement of citizens between neighborhoods.


In the same context, Engineer Ahmed Omran toured the field of agriculture and green areas in the Andalusian neighborhood, the site of Dar Misr West of Money and Business, and the second entrance to the city.


Engineer Ahmed Omran was also keen to check on all workers in the different sites and the progress of work on projects that include the cultivation of grass, palms and distinguished trees, and the implementation of an irrigation network with a drip system from turbid water sources, while linking the irrigation network to the treated water plant.


In a related context, Eng. Khaled Shaheen, Head of the New Salhia City Development Authority, was tasked with quickly completing the work of the “asphalt” surface layer for the roads of “Build Your House”, instructing him to abide by all the specified standards by using the latest machines to provide the best services to citizens.