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Ceramica is awaiting the inclusion of two deals before the end of the Mercato and confirms: It is time for the big competition

Moataz El-Batawy, Ceramica’s supervisor, confirmed that the club plans to include one or two deals before the end of the summer Mercato after the inclusion of the Tunisian player Bilal Al-Saeedani. In the coming days, we identified our needs with Haitham Shaaban, the team's coach, and he is currently in a closed camp in Sharm El-Sheikh, and there is a very large concentration of players.

Al-Batawy added, there may be one or two deals in the coming period, and we put our hands on our needs only without looking at the number of deals, especially since we have a respectable strength and big names of players from last season.

The football supervisor confirmed that it is time for us to compete with the big six clubs, we had the first experience last season, and the issue of pressure matches will be on all teams and we wish success to all the system, including the Football Association and the Association of Clubs in managing the general league.

It is noteworthy that the management of Ceramica Club concluded 3 deals in the last period, in preparation for the new season, the first resulted in the inclusion of striker Basem Morsi, coming from the Houidi FC club, and the second resulted in the inclusion of defender Mahmoud Al-Badri, coming from Smouha Club, and the third included goalkeeper Mahmoud Koko, Coming from Howeidi FC.

Moataz El-Batawy, the sports director of the Ceramica team, had confirmed that the club's management will move in the coming period to contract with distinguished African players at the request of the technical staff led by Haitham Shaaban.