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"Boxing" sets the date for electing a new board of directors at today's meeting

Mohamed Abdel Aziz Ghoneim, head of the Boxing Federation, revealed that the date for opening the door for candidacy for the upcoming elections will be set at the Board of Directors meeting scheduled for him today, Saturday.

Boxing Federation officials decided to repeat the procedures for opening the door for candidacy for the upcoming elections to choose a new board of directors, and to set a new date based on the observation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to implement Article 7 of the financial regulation of the ministry, which states that the ministry is notified one month before the opening of the candidacy door.


The Boxing Federation had closed the door for candidacy in advance, after two lists were nominated, one led by Mohamed Abdel Aziz Ghoneim, the current president of the federation, and the second headed by his deputy, Mohamed Mohamed El-Sayed.


The recent period witnessed the victory of some federations by acclamation, before the Olympic Committee issued a statement regarding the elections recently, and the statement came as follows: “Within the framework of the Egyptian Olympic Committee’s endeavor to investigate the best, work to raise the spirit of competition, and expand the circle of participation in the elections of sports federations, the Egyptian Olympic Committee concluded In appreciation of all the previous and other considerations, to suspend the convening of all general assemblies of sports federations, whether the seats in the board of directors have been decided by acclamation, or in which elections are held to select their boards of directors, and based on it, a timetable has been approved for the start and entry into force of new procedures for the convening of the general assemblies of the sports federations. From Saturday, 08/28/2021, when elections are called and nominations are opened for boards of directors for a period of (7) days, provided that the rest of the procedures go forward in accordance with the dates set forth in the Sports Law and the regulations of the basic systems approved for sports federations, and in line with the charters International, with full emphasis on preserving the right of general assemblies to choose their boards of directors, The Egyptian Olympic Committee affirms its keenness to permanently coordinate with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and all concerned national authorities, and to remove confusion that may occur or be attached to any of the procedures in order to establish and confirm confidence in the convening of general assemblies, to reach the best elements that participate in managing sports affairs.