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All you need to know about the demands of the General Assembly of Jabalia to save Egyptian football

Fifty-one clubs from the General Assembly of the Football Association held a meeting in a Cairo hotel yesterday evening, Monday, to save the Egyptian football after the crises ignited by the committee that currently runs the Football Association since its appointment 9 months ago.


Q: What did the clubs decide after their meeting yesterday?


A: The clubs decided in an official memorandum to hold an extraordinary general assembly for the Federation within 15 days, after fulfilling this request for a quorum.


Q: What are the clubs' demands in the emergency general assembly?


A: The participants demanded that the agenda of the Extraordinary General Assembly include making some amendments to the draft statutes of the Federation, and the formation of a four-member committee of the members of the General Assembly to present the conclusions of the General Assembly meeting to the International Football Association, and also called for setting a timetable for the start In the procedures for calling for the election of a new board of directors for the Egyptian Football Association.


Q: When is the General Assembly of the Football Association held?

A: The General Assembly of the Football Association has set the current September 30th as the date for holding an emergency meeting to amend the list of the Football Association and call for holding the next elections to choose a new council.

Q: And when will the elections be held?

A: The General Assembly has set next October as the date for holding elections and choosing a new council.