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Al-Ahly announces the loan of Saad Samir to Future, and confirms: “The player is a model of sincerity.”

Al-Ahly officials were keen to meet with Saad Samir, one of the captains of the first football team, before agreeing to loan him for two seasons to the Future Club.


  This meeting came in appreciation and honor of Saad Samir's effort, sincerity and commitment towards Al-Ahly Club for nearly fifteen years. Even when one of his sons goes out on loan.


The meeting began with words from Al-Ahly officials, all of them bearing appreciation and love for the star Saad Samir, who was very impressed, because he never wished to leave Al-Ahly club even for one moment.


Al-Ahly officials praised Saad’s behavior, discipline and great respect for the club’s values ​​and traditions, stressing that he was a model of commitment, whether he was participating in matches or outside the formation, as well as his role in motivating his colleagues and creating an atmosphere of friendliness and love, which was one of the secrets of the success of the football system throughout the last period.


Al-Ahly officials assured the player Saad Samir that the club is in his back and will continue to support him and will not impose a decision on him, and that the decision is Saad Samir’s decision, if he wants to go out on loan to provide a greater opportunity to participate in the matches or continue with the team, especially since Saad Samir does not dispute his loyalty to Al-Ahly Because he is one of the Al-Ahly family, and the bet on him will not only be in the stage of his presence in the stadiums, but, God willing, he will be one of the future cadres of the club because he has competence and culture and before that the love of Al-Ahly.


Al-Ahly officials indicated that the Red Castle will not abandon Saad, whatever the challenges, because he deserves, and he is a model for the son of Al-Ahly who loves his club and is loyal for him, and he did not have any conditions one day, whether when signing or renewing a contract. Rather, what interested him only was that Al-Ahly win and make his fans happy, which holds Saad Samir a special place he deserves.


 The words of Al-Ahly officials, which came from the heart, were the reward and honor that Saad Samir was waiting for, he said, stressing that what he found at the club is not estimated by the treasures of the world. He added that he never wished to leave the club. But it is a temporary stage, after which he returns to his home, which owes him the credit after God Almighty.


Saad Samir, who deserves all the salutations, sent a message to Al-Ahly club, its board of directors and its fans, and said that if the circumstances made him leave Al-Ahly with his body, his spirit and mind would not leave Al-Ahly. He will not forget the club's favor and the appreciation of its board of directors.


 Saad Samir confirmed that the Al-Ahly fans are the real treasure and the secret of the club's victories and its support at the time before the sweet, and that he promises them to return to continue his giving to the club .. He will not forget the support of these fans and their support for him and his colleagues, especially in difficult times.