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650,000 white flags near the memorial in Washington in honor of the victims of Corona

An American artist named Brennan Furstenberg decided to honor the victims of Corona in the United States of America in a different way, as she participated in the planting of 650,000 white flags in Washington, DC, in honor of the victims of Corona, during her participation in the exhibition activities “In America Remember.”

And the “Sky News” network published, part of the participation of the artist Brennan Furstenberg, in planting flags in the grounds of a park in Washington, where visitors can walk between these flags and they can allocate an individual flag to a family member who died due to the Corona pandemic, either in person or via the Internet, After the flags were planted, Brennan walked in the middle of the place of honor, showing signs of sadness for the departed.

Over the course of two weeks, from September 17 to October 3, the flags will be planted at an event themed "In America We Remember", spread over an area of ​​​​up to 20 acres of land belonging to the federal government near the Washington Monument.

In the same context, it is noteworthy that the Washington Post said - earlier - that President Biden's plan to deal with the Corona epidemic, which he revealed, is heading towards a sweeping expansion in conducting Corona tests, and aims to make rapid test kits cheaper and more affordable than any other. earlier, as the country tries to calm a wave of infections led by the delta variable.

Relying on test manufacturers to ramp up production, the administration wants to send hundreds of millions of rapid, at-home tests to local clinics, schools and other institutions across the country in hopes of making it easier to detect infections and containing outbreaks early. A number of major retailers have joined in the effort. They will offer in-home testing to consumers for less than two-thirds of the regular price in the next three months.

And the newspaper believed that the plan could help make testing and home care a more routine part of America’s strategy in dealing with the epidemic, which has so far relied heavily on laboratory tests to identify cases and guide public health decisions.