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3 steps to obtain compensation for a traveler's sponsorship document of 30 thousand euros

The Traveler Care Insurance Policy provides an insurance umbrella that provides immediate assistance to Egyptians traveling abroad in the event any of them suffers any accidental accident or emergency illness that he may be exposed to during his travel trip outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. It also includes insurance coverage, in addition to transportation costs or returning the insured to Country of residence in case of illness or accident of the insured, costs of returning the body to the country of residence in case of death of the insured.

In the event of any claims under this Policy, the Insured shall do the following:

1- To contact the medical aid company by phone as soon as possible to notify any claim and specify the required assistance.


2- Provide all information related to the claim at his own expense.


3- Not acknowledging any liability or making promises of payment of any kind.


- The pool will not be responsible for reimbursing any medical expenses that the insured demands to reimburse without obtaining prior approval from it or from the mentioned medical aid company, and the insured is obligated to deliver all official bills and medical reports to the pool.


The insurance coverages granted to more than 20 million Egyptians while traveling all over the world under this document will be valid on all trips that do not exceed a period of 90 consecutive days during the validity period of the passport, and the limits of insurance coverage reach 30 thousand euros or its equivalent in currencies. Others with a bearing of the first 100 Euros or its equivalent in other currencies from medical expenses and hospitalization costs.