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1500 participants from different governorates in the summer camps of the Ministry of Youth in Hurghada

The Ministry of Youth and Sports launched summer camps for pioneers in the governorates in Hurghada with a total of 15 regiments for 1,550 vanguards and vanguards from all governorates with the aim of investing the youth’s leisure time in various promotional activities to develop cultural and social skills and build and refine their awareness of various national issues.


The camp is held within the camp program organized by the ministry, and after the renewal of the youth city in Hurghada.


 While the camps include the implementation of recreational activities (beach activities - the festival of colors - free tours - summer activities) and cultural, artistic and educational activities (introductory lectures about the Red Sea Governorate and its most important landmarks - environmental awareness workshops - information and competitions league) where the Red Sea Governorate is the second most important A path for the migration of birds, as it is the bridge that connects the continents of Asia and Europe, as well as sports activities in addition to trips to the most important landmarks in Hurghada (Aquarium Museum - Hurghada Archeology Museum - Submarine Tour - Abu Minqar Reserve Island) and the activities continue during the months of September and October and participated in the regiment The first 94 vanguards from the vanguards of Suez and Qalyubia governorates.


The Ministry of Sports clarified that the summer camps aim to acquaint the pioneers of the governorates with the landmarks and history of the Red Sea Governorate, in addition to providing them with some life skills, psychological and physical building, developing skills and capabilities and raising awareness of national issues in a way that enhances national belonging as well as enhancing learning through play and participation in social life.