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What is the toxicity of heavy metals and the effects on the body and methods of prevention?

Each metal has the ability to affect the body in a certain way, and while some minerals benefit the body in a certain way, some may end up damaging it. Unhealthy levels of heavy metals in the body can lead to heavy metal poisoning. If left untreated, it can lead to Heavy metal poisoning can lead to death or permanent damage to the body. Some common heavy metals include arsenic, cadmium, mercury, copper, and chromium.

According to a report by the time now news website, every metal has the ability to affect the body in a certain way, and while some minerals benefit the body in a certain way, some of them may end up damaging it. Metal poisoning is the presence of unhealthy levels of minerals in the body. This rise in levels is a result of the accumulation of Minerals in the body due to the body's ability to absorb minerals from the environment.

Metal toxicity and health


The human body can absorb heavy metal after exposure to it through air, soil and water. Some of the common heavy metals found in the environment include arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, copper, chromium, nickel, and manganese. This can affect the body negatively and requires medical attention. Immediate, untreated and advanced cases of metal toxicity can lead to death, however, the process is gradual and can be recognized by symptoms, each metal poisoning causes characteristic symptoms but some general symptoms are as follows:


Nausea or vomiting


Breathing problems

Stomach ache

Diagnosis can be made by urine analysis, X-rays, ECG, kidney function tests, hair analysis, and nail analysis. Treatment methods include medications or detoxification therapies.

Prevent metal toxicity

People who work in mines, fields, and other harsh environments are at risk of exposure to toxic metals. Here are some ways you can prevent metal toxicity:

Avoid using eyeliner products because they may contain lead. Also, when painting your home, avoid using paints that contain lead.

Avoid or quit smoking If you are a non-smoker, avoid close contact with cigarette smoke.

Wear protective clothing and take precautionary measures while working in the ore industries, mines and construction areas.

Seafood may contain harmful amounts of mercury, make sure you are eating safe, uncontaminated food and water.

Wash and clean your food thoroughly to ensure that the herbicides, pesticides, and pesticides are ingested.