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Two terrorists were arrested and a weapons store was found in Kirkuk, northern Iraq

Today, Saturday, the Security Media Cell in Iraq announced the arrest of two terrorists, and the discovery of a store of weapons and equipment in Kirkuk, northern Iraq.

And the cell stated - in a statement reported by the Iraqi (Alsumaria News) channel - that "the Joint Operations Command in Kirkuk managed to arrest two wanted men in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 4 of terrorism."

The statement added that "a joint force from the Third Regiment, the 56th Brigade of the Tribal Mobilization, and a force from the Kirkuk Intelligence and Security Directorate raided a den of terrorists on the outskirts of Wadi Abu Shahma in al-Rashad district, where 76 Austrian missiles, 4 explosive devices and a light equipment box were found. The den was destroyed from before the force executing the security operation.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi security forces managed to detonate five houses and two hideouts of the terrorist organization (ISIS) in the Tarmiyah district, north of Baghdad.

The Popular Mobilization said - in a statement today, Saturday - that a force from the Baghdad Operations Command, represented by the 12th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization and Anti-Explosives Control, uncovered these houses that were ambushed by the forces working for the eighth day in a row to purify the Tarmiyah district, adding that the combat force took charge of detonating those houses from a distance and from without recording any losses.

It is noteworthy that 4 members of the 12th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization were killed and 6 others were wounded in an ISIS terrorist attack, yesterday evening, in Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad.