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Surveys: Americans' fears about the Corona pandemic are rising again

Two recent opinion polls showed that Americans' concerns about the Corona virus have risen again after falling to their lowest levels.

According to a Gallup poll for field research, about 45% of Americans believe that the situation of the Corona pandemic "Covid 19" is improving, which is a significant decrease from 89% who adopted this opinion in a poll conducted last June.

It is also the first time this year that Americans' optimism about the epidemic has declined, although the percentage of those who believe in an improvement is still higher than it was in last year's polls.

In a related context, a Monmouth University poll revealed today that 65% of Americans are concerned about new increases in cases of HIV infection due to a decrease in vaccination rates, compared to 57% last June, and 53% expressed concern about the possibility of a member of their family being infected as a result of a renewal Virus spread.

And 52% said they support the trend towards re-wearing masks and applying social distancing.