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Peaceful nutrition enhances your child's immunity.. Learn about nutrients for better health

Proper nutrition is directly related to immunity. Malnutrition or lack of important nutrients can lead to poor physical and mental development of children. Malnutrition in children is a public health problem that is not limited to rural areas, but is a major problem even in urban areas and so-called health-conscious families. , according to what was published by "timesofindia".

The report indicated that the type of lifestyle that children follow radically these days, coinciding with a decrease in their physical activities and an increase in eating fast food due to the Corona pandemic that has spread in all countries of the world, and these multiple changes can have a negative impact on their nutritional status and health, making Parents confused about what is the right type of nutrition for their children?

The report stressed that the availability of nutrients in meals as well as the ability to digest nutrients is important for proper nutrition and immunity in children, explaining that proteins, vitamins, minerals and water are the basic components of nutrition, as proteins are the basic building blocks of our body, which means that your child needs proteins for regular growth and management The daily wear and tear of the body.

The report indicated that the daily protein requirement for children aged 4-8 years is 19g and 9-13 years is 34g,” according to Dr. Pranit Ambulkar, Ph.D. Improve basic diet and physical activity habits.

Dr. Ambulkar stressed that excessive intake of nutrients may be harmful, pointing out that while choosing any food supplement, you must make sure that it does not contain anything that your child is allergic to.

He stressed that milk, soybeans and peas are usually the well-known sources of proteins, noting that a good nutritional supplement helps your children with balanced immunity, healthy bones and muscles, healthy cognition and focus, and provides healthy nutrition, and you should choose a product with a minimum amount of sugar.