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Mudslides sweep the streets of Japan on the second day of floods

Most parts of Japan were subjected to torrential rains that turned into floods and swept most of the country, and inundated roads and buildings in the western part of the country.

The "Euro News" network showed footage of many areas in Japan being subjected to landslides and the destruction of a house in the city of Okaya, Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, amid the spread of emergency teams to evacuate the stranded residents who could not deal with the mudslides.

By Sunday, dozens of people had been rescued in flooded areas in southern Kyushu as well as Hiroshima, and more rain is expected in the coming days, the disaster management agency said.

Nearly 200 municipalities have issued warnings of high risk of flooding or landslides and instructions to evacuate the places described as dangerous, and the disaster management agency said that more than 500 homes across the country were damaged by the floods and mudslides.

Large parts of Japan - especially the main island of Kyushu in the far south - witnessed record levels of rain, causing rivers to overflow and landslides, according to the Japanese newspaper, "Japan Times" on its website.

As of Sunday morning, rain had stopped in most parts of Kyushu, but it intensified in Tokyo and other parts of the country.. In Takeo, a city in Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, entire roads were inundated, as rescue workers in scuba diving pulled up rubber boats and attempted to damage survey.

About 113 patients at a local hospital and 69 residents of a nursing home in the same location were safely evacuated to upper floors after the floods, NHK said. It added that three people, including a child under the age of 10, showed no vital signs after a landslide struck. I land a house in Okaya City, central Nagano.