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How does the "Greatest Transfiguration" project in St. Catherine take into account environmental standards?

The state is working on a project to develop the site of the Great Transfiguration over the Land of Peace in the city of St. Catherine, and to develop an integrated vision for the process of establishing and marketing the eco-lodge in St. Catherine in order to promote it as a destination for global tourism.

 Q: How will environmental standards be taken into account when constructing new hotels?

A: The existing hotels in St. Catherine will be developed and upgraded, while adhering to the environmental standards and heritage identity of the city. Its height is a ground floor and a first floor only with a review of its heritage and environmental character. Saint Catherine city has a distinctive spiritual, cultural and natural nature and a meeting place for religions.


Q: How will the project contribute to supporting and encouraging ecotourism?

A: The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities supports and encourages responsible and sustainable ecotourism, which aims to preserve the environment and integrate local communities, in line with the new global trends of tourism, especially since Egypt enjoys a unique diversity in its tourism products, and it has a mixture of these different types and patterns of tourism, making In her visit a unique and exceptional experience experienced by the tourist.

Q: How will the archaeological and spiritual character of the area be preserved?

A: The quality and requirements of tourists and visitors to the area will be taken into account, environmental and social dimensions, preservation of the natural and cultural characteristics, archaeological and spiritual nature of the Saint Catherine area, and reliance on the use of local natural components in the development of the city in proportion to the nature of the area, the active participation of the local community, and taking into account the ability of the necessary facilities and infrastructure to absorb The increasing number of tourists to provide an outstanding eco-tourism experience that has value at the global level.

Q: When will marketing for the project start?

A: It was agreed to start promoting the project during the next three months to market the region for tourism and its natural, archaeological and environmental heritage, according to an integrated vision that presents all spiritual, environmental and cultural aspects.