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What are the benefits of waking up before sunrise? gives you energy and improves mental health

Getting up early has many health benefits and gives you more and more time to complete your daily tasks, so it's best to wake up before sunrise, according to Healthline.

Aside from following a balanced diet, practicing yoga and meditation exercises, you should add to this maintaining a good number of hours of sleep at least 8 hours at night, as well as getting up early, specifically before sunrise.

According to the report, getting up before sunrise provides positive energy for the body since the environment is very calm at that time.

Benefits of getting up early

Getting up early not only gives you recovery, but by including yoga, meditative and therapeutic activities, a person can achieve many health and mental benefits. Any healthy activities done in the morning can help:

Improving mental health.

- Improving and treating memory and concentration problems.

- Increase the body's energy level and help it function efficiently throughout the day.

The perfect time to wake up

Wake up before sunrise between 3:30 and 5:30 in the morning and engage in meditative and knowledge-acquiring activities. By doing so, a person can appreciate the beauty of nature along with having a calm and refreshing time in the morning.

Also, by maintaining the habit of getting up in the morning on a daily basis, a person can treat any problems related to the body and improve mental abilities such as creativity, flexibility, intelligence, etc.