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United Nations: There is a danger of a deterioration in the security situation in Tigray... and we must provide aid

The United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peace Affairs said that there is a danger of the security situation in Tigray deteriorating, that we must provide humanitarian aid to the region, and that the ceasefire facilitates the way for aid to arrive, Sky News reported.

This came during a session of the UN Security Council, currently being held, on developments in the Ethiopian region of Tigray.

And earlier today, the Ethiopian News Agency, quoting the Ethiopian Emergency Fact-Finding Office, said that "the Tigray People's Liberation Front destroyed the Tekazi Dam with the aim of obstructing the delivery of humanitarian aid in the region."

The Ethiopian government has announced a ceasefire in the region, and the United Nations says that more than five million people are in dire need of food and aid in the Tjirai region, while there are about 350 thousand people at least on the brink of famine.

The agency added: "The front has destroyed the Takazi Dam, which is one of the outlets and the way for the delivery of humanitarian aid in the region."