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“Tourist establishments and restaurants” warn against exceeding operating rates

The Chamber of Tourism Establishments and Restaurants, headed by Adel Al-Masry, President of the Chamber, called on the members of its general assembly, to adhere to the prescribed rates of operation, which were set by the Prime Minister’s decision, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, No. 1502 of 2021 regarding increasing the rates of tourism and hotel occupancy from 50% to 70%.


In a press statement issued by the Chamber, Adel Al-Masry appealed to members of the “restaurants, cafeterias and tourist facilities” of the importance of their commitment to the closing dates in accordance with the summer dates, which began to be applied on the first of last June, in implementation of the Prime Minister’s decision No. Local development, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Licensing No. 456 of 2020, and Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Decision No. 512 of 2,020 regarding opening and closing dates for tourist establishments and restaurants at midnight during weekdays, except for Thursday and Friday of each week, whose opening extends until one after midnight.


Al-Masry stressed the keenness of all members of the Chamber, to preserve the health of citizens and its employees, by following all the controls and precautionary measures and health and preventive measures, to contribute to preventing the spread of the Corona virus, warning against imposing penalties for those who violate these decisions by applying fines to violating facilities, and the immediate closure of them For two weeks, and in case of recurrence, it will be closed for a month.


The head of the Chamber of Tourism Establishments and Restaurants explained that the Prime Minister’s decision No. 1502 of 2021 regarding increasing the rates of tourism and hotel occupancy from 50% to 70%, included and referred to the return of work and activity to discotheques as well as nightclubs (variety theaters), as the decision stipulated in its second article. The percentages of presence or occupancy that cinemas, theaters, cultural centers and any places prepared and licensed to present artistic performances are obligated not to exceed when receiving the public to 70% of the capacity, while adhering to all precautionary measures and health precautions decided by the competent authorities.


And Adel Al-Masry continued, saying that this decision confirms allowing these facilities to submit the technical paragraphs for which a valid permit was issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Guidance to continue their work until two o’clock in the morning instead of one o’clock in the afternoon, in light of their compliance with the rules and preventive controls to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. He explained that this decision was issued as a result of positive moves by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Federation of Chambers of Tourism, in response to the demands of the Chamber's Board of Directors and its General Assembly.


For his part, Mohamed Fathi, member of the board of directors and head of the Entertainment and Variety Tourism Committee in the Chamber of Tourism Establishments and Restaurants, stressed that the decision to return to work and activity for discotheques, as well as nightclubs (variety theaters), supports the tourist activity that is witnessing in the current period a growth in the movement of incoming tourism to Egypt, which It requires the presence of recreational activity, miscellaneous activities and special parties, and in light of the escalating interest in recreational tourism activity, along with other tourist activities, whether beach or archaeological, stressing that delaying it more than that would have been behind Egypt’s exit from competition among other tourist destinations.


Fathi pointed to the commitment of the members of the General Assembly of the Chamber of Tourism Establishments and Restaurants to the regulatory and governing decisions issued by the state for the sector, especially with regard to the precautionary measures that are applied, despite it incurring heavy losses from the cessation of activity for a previous long period that extended for more than 16 months, which resulted in debts due to It bears the burdens of salaries, supplies, and other services, at a time when its revenue is zero due to the effects and repercussions of the Corona virus.


The Chairman of the Chamber's Leisure and Miscellaneous Tourism Committee added that this decision comes in order to preserve Egypt's leading position in recreational tourism among the Arab tourist countries in the region, in addition to the returns that accrue to the state from taxes, insurances, employment, and others, as well as maintaining the continuity of tourism investments in these activities.


Fathy said that the most important components of Egypt's tourism are the soft power that it has enjoyed since long periods of time, which is represented in festivals, concerts, theaters, restaurants and nightclubs, and that there is fierce competition and confrontation in the tourist destinations surrounding Egypt, such as the UAE, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Bahrain and recently Successive musical and entertainment festivals in Riyadh, Jeddah and other Saudi cities.


Abdel-Fattah Al-Assi, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for the affairs of hotel establishments, shops and tourist activities, had sent a letter to the Chamber confirming that secret inspection committees were directed by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, to pass on tourist facilities and restaurants, to ensure their compliance with the issued laws and decisions regulating tourism work, as well as Emphasis on the continued application of all preventive and precautionary measures to deal with the Corona virus.


In his letter to the Chamber, the Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for the affairs of hotel establishments, shops and tourist activities warned that the committees will punish the person responsible for tourist facilities and restaurants, in case of violating the controls, precautionary measures and organizational decisions contained in the decisions of the Prime Minister and the decisions of the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, with imprisonment and a fine not exceeding four Thousands of pounds, without prejudice to any more severe penalty stipulated by the applicable laws, and the closure of tourist facilities and restaurants that violate the obligations that must be followed administratively for a period of two weeks, and the closure period shall be doubled in case of recurrence.