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Tokyo cancels Olympic torch relay from most public roads due to coronavirus

The Tokyo metropolitan government said on Tuesday it will cancel the Olympic torch relay from public roads as well in the second half of the 15-day torch relay that runs through central areas of the capital, Tokyo, due to a resurgence of coronavirus infections.

And the Japanese news agency "Kyodo" reported that the torch relay - which begins next Friday - will take place without spectators on the side of the road in almost all regions except for small islands, about two weeks before the opening of the Olympics on July 23.

Earlier, the organizers of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games postponed the announcement of the results of a lottery to determine which ticket holders would be able to attend the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as some seven-sport competitions.

And the Japanese (Kyodo) news agency reported that this decision came amid speculation that the maximum number of fans allowed may decrease, and the Japanese government will decide on Thursday whether it will extend the validity of the restrictions imposed, to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country beyond the scheduled end date. Although the number of new coronavirus cases in Tokyo continues to increase every day compared to the same day the previous week.

The organizing committee, the Japanese central government, the Tokyo metropolitan administration, the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees are scheduled to hold talks on the maximum number of spectators once the central government's decision on anti-virus restrictions is made in Tokyo.