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The Yemeni Shura Council warns of the collapse of the currency and the entry of the country into a "real famine"

The Speaker of the Yemeni Shura Council, Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr, warned of the imminent collapse of the Yemeni currency and the country's entry into a "real famine."

Bin Dagher said in a tweet: "Today, the dollar has exceeded a thousand riyals, and it is exhausted and has lost its value, and is overseeing the final fall. It is also a real famine awaiting our people, your people in Yemen."

He added, "I knew that the president had asked the brothers to intervene to stop the deterioration of the riyal with some urgent assistance, and I am confident today that they will intervene to save the Yemeni riyal, but they are interfering as is the case with student aid."