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The Tunisian tennis champion offers her racket for sale in exchange for a “resuscitation bed” for Corona patients..I know the story

The Tunisian tennis champion Anas Jaber, the first Arab woman to win a title in the WTA tournaments, and who wrote an Arab history by reaching the quarter-finals of Wimbledon, the third Grand Slam, announced that she is offering her racket for sale to help her country's hospitals confront the spread of the Corona virus, which is the racket that She beat American veteran Venus Williams, the five-time Wimbledon champion, Spain's Garbine Mugurosa and Belarusian Arina Sabalenka, Roland Garros champion in 2020. According to France 24.

And the 23rd ranked in the world confirmed that, like any Tunisian, she cannot watch her country go through difficult circumstances.

This comes at a time when Tunisia is facing an epidemic of the new Corona virus, as the total deaths caused by Corona in Tunisia exceeded 16,388 deaths, while the total number of infections rose to 497,613 cases.

The country is facing difficulties in providing the vaccine, as its stock of the Pfizer vaccine has run out, and it has been vaccinated with 93% of the AstraZeneca vaccines it owns, while the health system has announced the inability to confront the crisis, which prompted a number of countries to provide urgent assistance to save patients.

The sports hero explained that the goal of selling the racket is to raise funds to buy a recovery bed for a hospital in the regions, the price of which reaches thirty thousand dinars, or about 10 thousand euros, according to the cost announced by the fundraising person Hajar Idris, and the player will add an amount to the price at which the racket will be sold.

The racket was offered for sale at a public auction, starting at 600 euros, and it reached 7,270 dinars (about 2,200 euros) after only two hours.