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The Shooting Club decides to hold a ceremony in honor of Hedaya and Saif Issa after the completion of the Tokyo Olympics

The Board of Directors of the Shooting Club, headed by Mohsen Tantawy, and the Executive Director, Dr. Mohamed Al-Dabbah, congratulated the duo, Hedaya Malak and Saif Issa, taekwondo players in the club, after the great achievement they achieved by winning two bronze medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Hedaya won the bronze medal for the second time in her history, after she won the bronze in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in the last edition, becoming the first Arab woman to win two consecutive medals in the Olympics, and she also won the first medal for Egypt in the current edition of the Tokyo Olympics.

Seif Issa, the fishing player, also won the bronze medal for taekwondo after defeating his Norwegian champion in -80 kg.

Mohsen Tantawy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shooting Club, stressed that Hedaya and Saif's achievement is a pride for all members of the club and its board of directors, saying, "We are proud that we are the source of heroes and we include Olympic champions who are the first to achieve the achievement of crowning two medals for the Egyptians in the Tokyo Olympics," wishing success to the rest of the Egyptian players in the rest. competitions.

The Board of Directors of Hunting congratulated Hedaya and Saif Issa, stressing their great pride in them and providing them with all support in order to continue achieving achievements during the coming period. The chief of fishing also promised to organize a ceremony to honor the duo in the coming period, as befits them.

Hedaya Malak won the bronze medal in the women's 67-kg category after defeating the USA's Peggy McPherson, 17/6.

Hedaya Malak, a player for the national taekwondo team, defeated the Tonga player, 19-0, in the first round of the consolation round at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Hedaya Malak, ranked No. 11 in the world, lost to Britain's Lauren Williams 12-13 in the quarter-finals of the women's 67 kg championship.

Britain's Lauren's victory in the semi-final match over Ivorian Ruth Gbagby gave Hedaya the opportunity to compete for the bronze medal.

Hedaya Malak reached the quarter-finals, after defeating Magda Hanin, a player for the French national team, with a score of (11-10), in the final price round.