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The Iraqi government confirms its pursuit of the targets of Erbil and Ain Al-Assad airports

 The official spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Major General Yahya Rasoul, announced the Iraqi government's intention to pursue everyone who targets the country's security and sovereignty, including the targets of Erbil Airport and Ain al-Assad base.

Rasul said - in a statement reported by the Iraqi (Alsumaria News) channel, today (Wednesday) - that "the enemies of Iraq continue to defy them and target the country's security and sovereignty, and the safety of citizens through a new terrorist attack on Erbil airport and Ain al-Assad camp, which is affiliated with the Iraqi Ministry of Defense. Prior to that, targeting the headquarters of diplomatic missions, which are under the protection of the state, which represents a flagrant violation of all laws, and an attack on the prestige of the state and its international obligations.

He added, while the Iraqi government condemns and denounces this sinful attack, it affirms the prosecution of violators of the law and the imposition of security, in preparation for organizing fair and fair elections, stressing the government's refusal to use Iraqi lands and the security of its citizens as an arena for reactions, which requires restraint and respect. Outcomes of the strategic dialogue.

On behalf of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, he explained that changing the country's reality towards reform and prosperity at the various security, political, economic and social levels is the result of the solidarity of the Iraqi people and the cohesion of their national forces, and that the options for peace and war are the exclusive right of the state.