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The head of Al-Warraq reveals the details of the projects being implemented in alternative housing

Engineer Osama Shawky, head of the New Warraq City Development Authority, revealed the details of the executive position of the alternative housing units, which are being implemented on Warraq Island for those who wish to return to the island after its development, where 18 residential towers are being implemented, and finishing works are underway in a number of towers.


This came during a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Housing, to follow up the position on the implementation of works on the Warraq Island development project, and the establishment of a new urban community on the lands of Warraq Island, "New City of Warraq", affiliated to the New Urban Communities Authority, and the executive position of the residential buildings being implemented.


He stressed that the goal of developing Al-Warraq Island is to create a modern urban community, pointing out that there are mandates to speed up the rates of implementation of the development project in order to raise the urban level of the island, and show it in the appropriate civilized form.


He pointed out that the new city of Warraq is one of the fourth-generation cities that are being implemented at the level of the governorates of the Republic, as part of the efforts of the Ministry of Housing to implement the outputs of the National Strategic Plan for Urban Development in Egypt 2052, and its most important goals are to double the world from 7% to 14%.