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The completion of the implementation of the Damietta container berth at a cost of 1.3 billion pounds

Major General Alaa Ibrahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Damietta Container Handling Company, which is affiliated with the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport, one of the companies of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, revealed that the implementation of the new Damietta sea berth will be completed in April 2022, at a cost of 1.3 billion pounds, including the third phase of the berth 5 and 6, so that 6 berths have been developed in the container terminal.


The implementation work was delayed as a result of the old pavement and the difficulties and obstacles that faced the new works, and therefore the project was delayed for more than a year.


Major General Alaa Ibrahim added that the increase in the length and depth of the berth will lead to an increase in the capacity of the company's container terminal from 20% to 25%, i.e. from 1.4 million containers to 1.8 million containers per year in light of the great expansion in container activity in the world. He explained that the cost of implementation increased slightly as a result of the obstacles that faced the project, in addition to the keenness to develop the six berths.


The company began expanding the sea berth at a cost of 500 million pounds, which rose to 1.3 billion pounds, bringing the length of the container handling berth to 1450 meters, instead of 1050 meters, so that the terminal would be able to receive larger ships of greater lengths, and it was scheduled to be completed in March 2020.


Major General Alaa Mohamed Ibrahim, head of the Damietta Container Handling Company, signed a protocol to obtain a license to exploit berths 5.6 in the port, with Major General Walid Mostafa, President of the Port Authority, on November 20, 2019, in the presence of the Governor of Damietta and Major General Salah El-Din Helmy, Head of the Holding for Maritime Transport.