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Sports Minister: The June 30 revolution changed the fate of the state

Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, confirmed that the first sports festival taking place in the Administrative Capital and the City of Galala, in the framework of the celebration of the June 30 revolution, is taking place in cooperation with the Cycling Union and the Central Administration for Sports Development in the Ministry, along with the scouting team at the Ministry of Sports to deliver a message to the Egyptians. .


Sobhi said, in exclusive statements, that the June revolution changed the fate of the Egyptian state, and we became proud of Egypt in terms of development in all fields: youth, sports, economics, agriculture, industry and commerce.


The Minister of Sports added that the anniversary of the June Revolution is a great memory and an opportunity to inform the Egyptian youth about the administrative capital and the city of Galala, which witnessed great development and a boom in the entire country.


Sobhi sent a message to the Egyptian youth, saying: "You must know that your country has a great role, thanks to the president's directives, from an unprecedented development. It is necessary to be proud and ready to participate in the development by working hard and searching for participation in the opportunities that are available to them."


Ashraf Sobhi underwent surgery during the past hours after feeling pain in the shoulder following the accident he suffered during the past month in the car, and Sobhi left the hospital yesterday, to participate in the sports festival today.