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Saudi Arabia: Preparing the Jabal al-Rahma area in the Arafat area to facilitate pilgrims to perform their rituals

The Municipality of the Holy Capital has prepared the Mount Al-Rahma area in the Arafat area, by maintaining the square surrounding the mountain, which is implemented by interlocking concrete tiles, whose area is estimated at 55 thousand square meters, and by maintaining the lighting poles, which number 32 columns and a tower, and 200 LED lighting lanterns.

The Saudi Press Agency reported today, Monday, that the pedestrian road linking the Mashari (Arafat - Muzdalifah) to the Mashari of Mina has been prepared with an integrated system of services and advanced infrastructure with the best international standards that ensure the required use of it during the movement of pilgrims between the holy sites.

The pedestrian road consists of 4 lanes with a total length of 25 km, and contains concrete tiles (interlocks) with a total area of ​​500,000 square meters, and 1,000 seats have been installed on the sides of the road.

The road includes 430 towers, lighting poles, and 1200 searchlights. In implementing the road, the homogeneity of colors was taken into account, in addition to the smooth flow of traffic. To facilitate the passage of vehicles, the road also includes a special corridor for people with disabilities in order to facilitate the performance of pilgrims to perform their rituals.

On a related level, the pilgrims of the Most Merciful documented, with their digital devices and mobile phones, the faith scenes from the level of Arafat, the pure, during their performance of the rites of Hajj for this year.. They described feelings of joy and happiness, and God has blessed them with performing the Hajj, amid supplications to the Lord Almighty praying to accept their sincere deeds. And their Hajj is accepted.

The pilgrims expressed their closeness to God by praying and seeking forgiveness for the great reward on this blessed day, the virtues of which are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the purified Sunnah of the Prophet.

The pilgrims' devices and their mobile phones also monitored the size of the projects implemented in the holy sites that aim to serve the pilgrims and make performing this journey of faith very easy, comfortable and reassuring.

The Municipality of the Holy City has also increased the readiness and efficiency of the lighting network during the Hajj season this year, which totals 175,000 towers and lighting poles, in addition to preparing the roads linking the holy sites (Mina - Arafat - Muzdalifah) with (800) towers and lighting poles and 2000 scouts. And a lantern.

(28) lighting mast has been provided to support service agencies participating in Hajj and emergency works, and the Holy Capital Municipality has developed an integrated operational plan for the operation and maintenance of the lighting network by harnessing (8) maintenance teams, working around the clock, equipped with (160) engineers, technicians and workers. And (71) prepared.

These efforts come within the framework of the Kingdom’s keenness to achieve a successful Hajj season in all its stages, and at the level of all sectors, and to provide the best possible services for pilgrims, and to harness all capabilities and means to ensure the performance of the rituals easily and smoothly.