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Queues of visitors in front of the Eiffel Tower after 8 months of closure due to Corona

Dozens of visitors to the Eiffel Tower, in the French capital, Paris, gathered to enter the tourist attraction after 8 months of closure, due to the restrictions imposed to confront the outbreak of the Corona virus “Covid 19” in the world.

And the account of the Eiffel Tower, through its official account on Twitter, published clips showing the queues of visitors to enter one of the most important tourist attractions in the old continent, accompanied by a comment: "Enough .. After more than 8 months of closure, my doors have finally reopened, what a joy it is to see you again." .


Today, Friday, the French authorities reopened the Eiffel Tower to visitors in the capital, "Paris", 8 months after it was closed due to restrictions imposed to counter the outbreak of the new Corona virus in the country.

Yesterday, Thursday, France celebrated Bastille Day, as thousands of soldiers marched, warplanes flew over the region, and traditional parties were held throughout the country, after reducing last year’s events due to fears of an outbreak of the Corona virus, as there were only 10,000 people in stands instead of 25,000.

The traditional show returned to the Champs Elysees after a one-year hiatus due to the Corona pandemic, and one of the soldiers even used the occasion to make a marriage proposal to his girlfriend on the street.

Virus fears remain latent, but the French government has decided to go ahead with the offer anyway, as part of a broader effort to return to pre-pandemic activity.