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Musimani calls on Kahraba to take advantage of the “last chance” in Al-Ahly

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani called on Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, the team's player, to take advantage of the opportunity that he will have in the coming period, which recently began by giving him the opportunity to participate for several minutes in more than one match that the team recently played.

Musimani spoke with Kahraba about the need to take advantage of these opportunities and focus on the field, because the matter will not tolerate more missed opportunities and poor appearances.


The coach confirmed to the team player that he should focus on the field and not think about “Social Media” because his level was negatively affected and a lot by these matters outside the matches, and the coach hopes to motivate Kahraba in an appropriate manner so that the player offers all his efforts in a way that benefits the team in the end. .


The last period witnessed the participation of Kahraba as an alternative, but it appeared badly, which raised the questions of the Ahly fans, who are waiting for Kahraba a lot and a lot, which Musimani confirmed to him.