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Moroccan security thwarts an international smuggling attempt of 3 tons of hashish and arrests 7 smugglers

The Moroccan security authorities in the city of Nador have foiled an international smuggling operation of cannabis, and arrested seven people for their involvement in a network involved in international trafficking in narcotics and psychotropic substances.


A statement by the Moroccan security authorities stated that first 61 packages of drugs were seized hidden in a warehouse, then 28 additional packages on board a car, bringing the total quantities seized to three tons of hashish, consisting of 88 packages intended for international smuggling.


The statement added that the searches that took place against the background of this operation resulted in the seizure of 7 cars of different types and sizes, 5 hunting rifles, one of which has a scope, and 63 bullets for these rifles, as well as mobile phones, a motorcycle, knives and a sum of money suspected to be from This criminal activity.


Those involved were taken into custody, in order to determine the possible extensions of this criminal activity locally and internationally.