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Lemon diet is the fastest way to lose weight in 10 days.. It expels toxins from your body

The lemon diet is one of the strangest diets that some celebrities follow to lose weight in the fastest time, and get rid of fat in a standard way, because it stimulates metabolism within the body, reduces fat percentage and improves the efficiency of the digestive system, according to a report on the Express website.

The lemon diet is one of the most difficult diets that help reduce weight in an amazing way, because it contributes to burning stored fat and thus works to lose weight, but its duration does not exceed 10 days so as not to cause you serious health complications, represented by dehydration, problems and heartburn along with decay. Teeth and lack of nutrients necessary for the body, which increases your feeling of hunger.

The lemon diet depends on consuming only 600 calories per day, while avoiding eating carbohydrates, and the first 48 hours of this system depends on eating liquids only with fat-free soup dishes, provided that healthy foods are included on the third day while reducing the level of quantities, as well as increasing of water.

This system carries many health benefits, such as increasing the efficiency of the digestive system and removing waste and toxins from the body, in addition to its ability to enhance immunity, because lemon is an important source of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, so it is able to ward off diseases.

When you follow this diet, you will find a solution to skin problems because lemon gives it luster and removes toxins from your body, as it reduces inflammation and works to protect arteries and blood vessel health.

This system depends on eating 6 cups of lemon juice per day along with other liquids, then adding food on the third day gradually, provided that the calories per day do not exceed 600 calories.