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Khaled Eid submits a memorandum to the Ghazl El-Mahalla administration about the incident of Francis' assault on a journalist

Khaled Eid, the technical director of Ghazl El-Mahalla, submitted a memorandum to the general supervisor of the ball in his club, who in turn transferred it to the sports director of the club, stating that the player Francis in the training session on Saturday, July 10, left the training and jumped through the iron fences to the stands where the journalists were sitting and tried to attack one of them with insults The journalist was beaten and threatened with death, and if this journalist had not fled, there would have been a crime.

He indicated that he was very angry and revolted, and the player did not respond to all the calls of the technical staff and the general supervisor, and the situation was controlled through the security of the Mahalla Ghazal Company. The Board of Directors to take the necessary decisions and penalties, and the Players Affairs Committee in the Football Association will be informed of the outcome of the investigation.

In another context, Zamalek club officials ended the crisis of Imam Ashour, the first football team player, with his former club, Ghazl El-Mahalla, with the farmer’s leader waiving the case against the player, during the session held today, Sunday, in the court.

Ghazl Al-Mahalla had obtained a ruling to imprison Imam Ashour, which was issued against him, for his failure to pay 500,000 pounds in favor of his former team.

It was agreed with the administrations of Zamalek and Ghazl El-Mahalla to grant the latter a check that can be immediately exchanged for 500,000 pounds, which is the amount owed by Imam Ashour, and negotiations are underway between the administrations of the two clubs on the amount of 600,000 pounds owed by Zamalek Club, to be paid through payments.