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Counter-demonstrations.. Supporters of the Cuban president respond to his call to respond to the protests of anger

Thousands of pro-government Cubans took to the streets to respond to the opposition protests and defend President Miguel Diaz-Canel, after the president himself called for it, to make it clear to the world that there are supporters of the government, according to the Spanish newspaper, "La Bangordia".

The newspaper pointed out that the Cuban streets became filled with supporters and opponents of the Cuban government and President Canel, in the largest protests in 60 years in the country, and these residents marched in more than 20 towns in the country, calling with cries of "freedom", "down with the dictatorship" and "home and life."

In the face of these demonstrations, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called on the government's followers to take to the streets to "confront them".

"We call on all the revolutionaries of the country, all the communists, to take to the streets and go to the places where these provocations will occur, today, from now on and in all these days," the Cuban president said.

After the president's call, hundreds of Cubans demonstrated in favor of the government in Havana and some provinces, and videos showed dozens of government supporters carrying Fidel Castro banners and Cuban flags, chanting pro-President and anti-US slogans.

One protester, Yama Perez from Bayamo, said: "I am not alone in taking care of my work, I am looking after the future, calm and happiness of my children because I want them to continue to live and grow in the sovereignty of the nation."

"Today I came here as a young man seeking a university degree for free, as well as defending the revolution," said Yurisdan Baneke, a student from Camaguey.